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Prop 8 seeks to reinstate the voice of the people in CA

October 17, 2008

Another reason Proposition 8 is important is that it reinstates the voice of the people that was overturned by 4 activist judges.  Proposition 22 was passed by an overwhelming majority of CA voters, establishing the will of the people of CA as defining marriage to be between a man and a woman.  The will of the people had been heard – this is what America is founded upon.  Earlier this year, 4 judges wrongly overturned the will of the people – far overstepping their mandate and responsibilities to the people of CA.  Proposition 8 will restore the voice of the people in CA.  In my mind this is less important than the need to protect families and traditional marriage, but it is still extremely important.

Watch this youtube video to understand the importance of this issue to our rights as citizens of this great nation:

For more information on Proposition 8 allowing you separate the myths from the facts go to:

It is so important that we speak up and defend not only traditional marriage but the rights that our founding fathers sacrificed so much to establish.