Prop 8 seeks to reinstate the voice of the people in CA

Another reason Proposition 8 is important is that it reinstates the voice of the people that was overturned by 4 activist judges.  Proposition 22 was passed by an overwhelming majority of CA voters, establishing the will of the people of CA as defining marriage to be between a man and a woman.  The will of the people had been heard – this is what America is founded upon.  Earlier this year, 4 judges wrongly overturned the will of the people – far overstepping their mandate and responsibilities to the people of CA.  Proposition 8 will restore the voice of the people in CA.  In my mind this is less important than the need to protect families and traditional marriage, but it is still extremely important.

Watch this youtube video to understand the importance of this issue to our rights as citizens of this great nation:

For more information on Proposition 8 allowing you separate the myths from the facts go to:

It is so important that we speak up and defend not only traditional marriage but the rights that our founding fathers sacrificed so much to establish.


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9 Responses to “Prop 8 seeks to reinstate the voice of the people in CA”

  1. Spencer Says:

    Proposition 8 is more than same sex marriage its about protecting our sons and daughters from growing up in a world that teaches that being gay or lesbian is just as normal as being straight. I don’t want my sons and daughters being taught as young as five years old in school that it is okay to marry someone of their same sex. It is about the principle of religion. And protecting what God has set up as the correct way to replenish the earth. It is marriage between a Man and a Woman. God set Adam and Eve on earth to have their posterity fill the whole earth. It goes contrary to the laws set up by God himself. I have nothing against gay or lesbian individuals. I believe they can live their life how they please. I am against the teachings that go against the teachings of God. And we must fight to protect God’s holy ordinance of Marriage between one man and one woman.

    Please go to to read more about the benefits of proposition 8.

  2. johnbisceglia Says:

    Wow, such mis-information and fear. You people can continue paying our taxes – we have stopped until FULL equality.

  3. cadarin Says:

    John, not sure where the misinformation is? Spender has stated a fact as has happened already in Massachusetts and California (first grade school field trip to attend a same-gender marriage of a teacher from that school) – no misinformation, established fact. The remainder of the statement is Spencer’s opinions and statements of his belief in the divine basis of marriage. That’s not fear, it’s firm belief and simply because you disagree with his opinions neither makes them wrong or based upon fear. Lastly, not sure what paying taxes has to do with this – because you can’t have your way on an issue you refuse to fulfil your responsibilities to the society in which you live? Quite capricious and self-absorbed!

  4. nrl4prop8 Says:

    Great site. Keep up the good work. I have added your site to my blog. NRL4PROP8.WORDPRESS.COM. Thanks.

  5. queerunity Says:

    Marriage equality is a family values issue! Why shouldn’t same-sex couples and their children have access to the 1,049 rights and benefits that come with marriage? Like the right to visit a loved one in a hospital, or to file joint tax returns. Marriage as a term has evolved, it used to mean a man with many wives, than it was a woman being the property of her man, now it is about love and financial planning. Gay & lesbian couples should have the same access to this beautiful institution and would only serve to strengthen it. Don’t hurt our families, vote NO on prop h8!

  6. lisa Says:

    Wow again…I agree with johnbisceglia. I have 4 children in public school in California and very little, if not nothing is taught about heterosexual marriage. As for the field trip information above–parents have to sign a waver saying their child can or cannot go on a field trip. California Teacher’s Association, “Proposition 8 will not affect teaching in our schools. That’s a lie crafted to scare people into voting for Proposition 8 and stripping Californians of rights they already have. Not one word in Prop. 8 mentions education, and no child can be forced, against the will of their parents, to be taught anything about health and family issues at school. California law prohibits it, and the Yes on 8 campaign knows they are purposely trying to deceive the public. A California Superior Court Judge has already ruled that this claim by Prop. 8 proponents is ‘false and misleading.'”
    There are other reasons that some people believe Prop 8 “needs” to pass or “what will happen if prop 8 doesn’t pass, and my hope is that the general public will do their research and realize that these are not true.

  7. prop8discussion Says:

    thanks for this post.

    Marriage is our culture’s ultimate expression of equality–it takes one man and one woman to create children. Even if a marriage can’t have children or choose not to have children the definition of their relationship expresses this equality.

    One could see a lesbian union as a marginalization of men, or a homosexual union as a marginalization of women.

    I don’t believe government should sanction the marginalization of any gender (or more importantly, parent). And even though some families can’t have children, or choose not to have children, you can’t separate the child-issue from the marriage issue.

    there is a great discussion here:

    yes on prop 8!

    p.s. your blog is on a black list. awesome right?
    go here:

  8. Alfonse Says:

    I think that before making a decision about Prop. 8, we should consider how this will impact our friends, neighbors and maybe even our children – not while they’re in school, but when they’re adults. Gavin Newsom outlines it pretty well:

  9. Bio Teacher Says:

    Wow such passion and misinformation. First, under the laws which govern the registered domestic partnerships, same sex couples can enjoy all of the legal rights that are guaranteed to couples who must by law register for their marriage license. The problem is only 5% of the same sex couples have filed for this protection. If they feel so passionate, why do they not take the steps necessary to ensure their rights are protected? Second, having just finished our unit on ecology, which covers such things as populations and genetic diversity, organisms which do not reproduce face extinction. By their choice to remove themselves from the natural order of all living things, does set the same sex couple apart. Third, since marriage is a title which is connected directly with religious commitment, marriage should be the label connected with that commitment. Couples who seek to not have a religious marriage and are “married” by a civic employee such as a city mayor, have selected to have a civil union/domestic partnership. The same sex community can have any kind of “party” celebrating their relationship, no one is stopping them. The support of prop 8 protects those who choose to practice their religion from same sex couples who will seek to be married religiously even though that life style goes against the religions moral code. Is that discriminating? No, that is religious freedom.

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