Why I Support Proposition 8

First and foremost because I firmly believe that God created marriage as the basic building block of families, and that families are absolutely essential to his plan for happiness for us (his children) here on earth and in the life to come.  You may not believe this, you may not even believe in God; but I firmly believe this with every fiber in my body.  It is my right to believe this – tolerance says that you should respect my right to believe this.

But there are also societal reasons to support Proposition 8.  Social Science has irrefutably shown (sometimes to the chagrin of the researcher) that the absolute best situation for children is to be raised by a mother and a father who are married – not by a mother and a mother, not a father and a father, not a mother and a father who “live together” but by a mother and father who are married.  This situation – nuclear family with mom and dad in the home – is best for a child’s mental and physical health, his success in school, his self-confidence.

As a society we should do everything we can to strengthen families – they are the foundation of ours and all societies.  Marriage is a convenant between a man and a woman and God to bring children into the world and raise them to the best of their ability.  Marriage is also a committment between a man and woman and their society/community to bear and raise the next generation of citizens.  This can only happen in traditional marriage.  One of the most important things we can do to strengthen and protect families is to strengthen and protect traditional marriage.

I bear no ill will towards same-sex couples.  If they want to have a committed relationship more power to them.  However, it isn’t marriage.  Marriage isn’t an affirmation of ones love for a life partner.  Marriage is an affirmation of a man and a woman’s willingness to make sacrfices for one another and more importantly for the children that will come into their family.  You see, it isn’t about the couple that’s getting married at all – it’s about the family journey they are embarking on.

Children are absolutely precious, and they arrive into this world innocent and sweet.  Every child deserves to be raised in a home with a mother and a father.  Every daughter deserves a father to give her self-confidence and the self-assurance to say no to the sexual advances of boys who haven’t learned to exercise control over their hormones and passions.  Every son deserves a father to teach him to respect womanhood and to help him understand and prepare for the responsibilities he will assume when he has his own family.  Every son deserves a mother to teach him to be gentle and kind, to know calm and peace in his life.  Every daughter deserves a mother to come to understand the truly, unmistakeably, divine presence that comes into a woman as she becomes a mother; to learn to care and nuture those around her.

If we want to improve some of the societal ills that afflict our society – teenage pregnancy, high school drop outs, drug use, etc. – we should start by strengthening marriage which would be the single most important thing we could do to strengthen families.  Strong families would cure much of these issues.

So you see I am not anti-same-sex marriage – I am pro-family.

This is an interesting editorial in the LA Times that shares many of my points and views as expressed above.


Visit this blog to read from someone who has similar views.  Read especially “Why I am voting for Proposition 8 – Part 2”.  He has some interesting links and facts in his write-up.



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6 Responses to “Why I Support Proposition 8”

  1. spencer Says:

    Proposition 8 is more than same sex marriage its about protecting our sons and daughters from growing up in a world that teaches that being gay or lesbian is just as normal as being straight. I don’t want my sons and daughters being taught as young as five years old in school that it is okay to marry someone of their same sex. It is about the principle of religion. And protecting what God has set up as the correct way to replenish the earth. It is marriage between a Man and a Woman. God set Adam and Eve on earth to have their posterity fill the whole earth. It goes contrary to the laws set up by God himself. I have nothing against gay or lesbian individuals. I believe they can live their life how they please. I am against the teachings that go against the teachings of God. And we must fight to protect God’s holy ordinance of Marriage between one man and one woman.

    Please go to http://www.protectmarriage.com to read more about the benefits of proposition 8.

  2. Tony Sidaway Says:

    Supporting Proposition 8 will not stop efforts in California to thwart discrimination against homosexuals. It’s an empty gesture. If you want to continue to discriminate against homosexuals, move to another state, because you’ve definitely missed the bus there in California.

  3. Austin Says:

    Darin, do you know a person can have their gender identity changed in California?

    A person born genetic and anatomical male, can as an adult, have their Birth Certificate change to identify that person as a female.

    So now, as a female, that male can marry another male.

    Proposition 8 fails to protect marriage on its face, because even if Proposition 8 passes, a person born male can still marry another male, since a person can have their gender changed.

  4. cadarin Says:

    Austin, yes you have found a loop-hole in Prop 8. However, it doesn’t change the basic premise of my support for Prop 8 – which is the protection of family through the protection of traditional marriage. There will always be ways around any more, tradition, rule or law; that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t put in place sound laws and/or mores to govern our behaviour and strengthen our societies. So despite the technicality you’ve identified (which will be infinitessimally small) I still stand by my statement that we need to pass Prop 8 to protect traditional marriage. I appreciate your comments and welcome the dialogue. Thanks for contributing.

  5. johnbisceglia Says:

    Wow, such mis-information and fear. You people can continue paying our taxes – we have stopped until FULL equality.


  6. Erik Says:

    I totally agree that supporting the model of family is the best way to strengthen our society. One argument that I have heard to support a ‘No’ vote for prop 8 is that the divorce rate is high. It insinuates that the tradional model is failing so there is no reason to hold to the traditional model. The reason we such a high divorce rate is fewer and fewer people are holding to the model of the family. Changing the definition of the model will only devalue the marriage and family model more. The ‘no’ to prop 8 campaign wants to send a message of love and tolerance. This may be part of the message but the other message to our kids will be that marriage is so un-important that you can simply change the definition. We have to find a different way of sending a message of love and tolerance – one that does not tear at the core fabric of our society, the family.

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